About Me

My name is Kimmiko James, and I’m an aspiring software engineer. I strive to become a designer, creator, and an innovator in order to make an impact whenever possible.

I am currently an undergraduate student at UC Davis with the intention of becoming a Computer Science and Engineering major by the start of my Junior year. During Spring Quarter of my Freshman year, I was a research assistant for the VICTR(Virtual Interaction and Communication Technology Research) Lab in which I worked with virtual reality to measure how UC Davis students perceived students of Hispanic descent within virtual environments. Now, I am currently creating a game for the VICTR lab in which gun violence perspectives will be analyzed, as this is an important issue within today's society.

Over the course of a few months and with the help of online resources such as Udemy, I self-taught myself how to program with C#, C++, and Java languages. I tend to work on smaller projects for fun, such as personal video games created with Unity/Unreal game engines, but am eager to work towards bigger projects in the future that will involve Virtual Reality technology and app development.

Things I enjoy doing during my free time

  • Play video games
  • Write poems and stories
  • Watch sports
  • Travel